Extraction (2020) Review

27th April 2020 daphome 0

HARD-HITTING BLOCKBUSTER ACTION HEADS TO THE SMALL SCREEN REALM   Military action movies have been a prime staple within the action film genre. Exploring various […]

Bloodshot (2020) Review

8th April 2020 daphome 0

AN INTERESTING PREMISE THAT FIZZLES OUT   In the cinematic age of superheroes blockbusters dominating the box office and the general moviegoer’s attention, action movies […]

Onward (2020) Review

4th April 2020 daphome 0

WE’RE GOING ON A QUEST!   Pixar Studios has become the premiere powerhouse animated studio for nearly the past twenty-five years; producing some of the […]

Emma (2020) Review

2nd April 2020 daphome 0

LOVE KNOWS BEST   It’s no secret that Jane Austen’s novels are well beloved classics in the literary world. Truly timeless, Austen’s tales weave together […]